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How to play Poppy Playtime with some tips!

Shaun M Jooste


When it comes to horror adventure games, Poppy Playtime seeks to send chills up your spine. With so many toys to avoid and puzzles to solve, it can become nerve-wracking trying to win. The first chapter is free, but you’ll need to pay to unlock the others.

Don’t worry! We’ll show you how to play Poppy Playtime with some tips on how to survive and escape the mayhem.

How to play Poppy Playtime with some tips!
how to play poppy playtime

What is Poppy Playtime about?

Once upon a time, there was a toy manufacturing company called Playtime Co. that was all the rage among children and adults alike. One day, the employees simply vanished, leaving the building abandoned. You investigate the facility years later with the objective of discovering what happened.

As you venture further into the silent building, you find toys that have come to life, eager to take vengeance on anyone that enters. You’re faced with clues and puzzles you need to solve if you want to escape the horror they set upon you. Along the way, you may even make some friends.

How to play Poppy Playtime

Are you intrigued yet? If you’re excited to get started, we suggest you learn how to play Poppy Playtime first. It will prepare you for the thrills and scares that are to come, which is the perfect setting for Halloween.

Getting Started

To begin the harrowing adventure, you need to download Poppy Playtime first. You can try the first chapter for free just to feel what it’s like, but you’ll pay per episode after that. 

To install the game on your PC, you’ll need Windows 10 or 11 and at least 10 GB storage. Since the graphics are so detailed, you’ll need an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or Radeon RX 580 graphics card. There also needs to be at least 8MB RAM.

Searching the abandoned building

Now that you’ve acquired the game, it’s time to see how to play Poppy Playtime. With realistic 3D graphics, you’ll make your way through the empty toy factory. There are many rooms to investigate, while the chapters focus on specific scenes.

It’s hard to get lost in the horror game, as the clues and puzzles give you direction on where you need to go. The first areas will give you an idea of how to play, but you’ll still need to work out how to solve the mysteries. Of course, you’ll need to avoid the scary toys trying to stop, or befriend, you.

Solving Puzzles

The heart of Poppy Playtime is the library of puzzles. In essence, the entire chapter is one massive puzzle you need to solve. Everywhere you go, you’ll find objects lying around that appear to serve no purpose. However, further investigation into the toy factory will help you realize how significant they are.

Handy Tools

To accomplish your tasks, you’ll have what’s called a Grabpack. It’s a backpack with two hands connected with steel wires. With these tools at hand, you can move heavy objects across distances, manipulate items, and conduct electricity. The secret is learning how to use them efficiently to complete tasks correctly.

how to play poppy playtime

Poppy Playtime: Guides and Tips

Now that you understand how to play Poppy Playtime, we want to share some tips with you. There are some spoilers ahead, so if you’d prefer not knowing, then skip this section.

Solving the security door code in Poppy Playtime

The first chapter is called “A Tight Squeeze” and sees you face off against a popular toy known as Huggy Wuggy. One of the first challenges is getting into the factory. When you approach the entrance, you’ll see a blue scanner. 

The item is behind the front desk, so you won’t be able to reach it. The only way you can obtain the object is with the Grabpack, but that’s locked in the security room. You’ll see a pad with various buttons, and you’ll need to press them in the correct sequence to open the door.

Head to the gift shop. Look for boxes that have been knocked over and stare up until you find a working model train. You’ll notice that the carriages are in various colors. Well done, you’ve just solved your first clue. Write down the order of the colors and use that on the security room pad.

When you’re inside, you need to watch a tape on how the Grabpack works before you receive a blue hand. You can use this item to open the entrance to the factory. Now, you’ll need the red hand.

Finding the red Grabpack Hand

As soon as you enter the factory in Poppy Playtime, you’ll meet Huggy Wuggy. He’s standing still and doesn’t pose any threat at this point. You can explore the areas around him, but you’ll need that red Grabpack hand to unlock the full functionality of your backpack.

There are two doors with scanners. One needs both hands, but the other only needs the blue hand. When you attempt to open it, the power will go off, leaving you in the dark. Huggy Wuggy has a key in his hand that will open the Power Room, where you can return the electricity. When you head back, the ominous toy will be gone.

Head down the hall and look for a door labelled “05”. Go up the stairs and look for a crane and control panel. The latter will have four switches in different colors. The fuses are missing, so you’ll need to find them. 

Here’s a quick overview of where they are:

  • Blue: left of control panel
  • Red: shelf on right of conveyor belt, slightly lower down
  • Yellow and Green: opposite side of room on left of conveyor, near room with scanners by the boxes

When you return the fuses, the crane will collect a glass box and place it on the belt. Within it is the red Grabpack hand.

how to play poppy playtime

A stunning horror experience

We’ll leave the rest for you to solve. We hope you’ve had fun seeing how to play Poppy Playtime, but now it’s your turn. If you managed to complete the first chapter, feel free to let us know. You can check back on our site for future guides on the upcoming chapters.

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