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How to play Poppy Playtime – Chapter 1

Shaun M Jooste


Poppy Playtime is a horror, puzzle, adventure game set inside an abandoned toy factory. You’ll spend most of your time uncovering what happened in the building and then trying to escape the monster at the end.

Have no fear! If you’re stuck trying to work out what to do, we’ll show you how to play Poppy Playtime – Chapter 1. You can expect spoilers ahead as we present as much detail as possible to help you survive the game.

How to play Poppy Playtime – Chapter 1

Tips for playing Poppy Playtime – Chapter 1

When you enter the abandoned building, you’ll notice some items lying around while there are keypads on locked doors. Before you can proceed into the main part of Poppy Playtime, you’ll need to get your GrabPack hands. Here’s how you go about it.

How to Get The Blue GrabPack Hand in Poppy Playtime 

The first blue GrabPack hand is easy to locate. When you enter the abandoned toy manufacturing facility, you’ll see a security desk. Look to the left, and you’ll see a bag with the blue hand in it. You’ll need this to proceed with the rest of the game.

How to play Poppy Playtime - chapter 1

How To Find The Red GrabPack Hand in Poppy Playtime

The second red hand is more challenging to find and will introduce most of the gameplay mechanics. You’ll need to enter the main facility, where you’ll see Huggy Wuggy. He’s stationary for now, but that won’t last forever.

When you look around, you’ll see two rooms with scanners. While the one needs both hands, the other only needs the blue hand. As soon as you try to open that door, the power cuts out and everything goes dark.

It’s time to investigate Huggy Wuggy again. You’ll now see a key in his hand that wasn’t there before. Head to the power room and use the key to return the electricity. When you go back to the main room, you can open the blue-hand door, but Huggy Wuggy is….gone….

Go down the hall until you see a room with the number “05” on it. This area requires you to head up the stairs where you’ll see a crane with a control panel to operate it. The only issue is that the fuses are gone. (dun-dun-duuuuuuhhhh *spooky music*)

If it isn’t obvious, you need to find those fuses. You’ll see the blue one next to the control panel. If you look down below the catwalk by a set of shelves, you’ll find the red one. The yellow and green ones are playing hide-n-go seek by some boxes further in the area. 

Once you have all four fuses, head back and power the control panel. You can now use the crane to pull a glass box onto the conveyor belt. Congratulations, you now have the red Grabpack hand

How to play Poppy Playtime - chapter 1

All VHS Tapes Locations in Poppy Playtime

One of the achievements in Poppy Playtime is to find all the VHS tapes. Some of these are easy to locate, while others are more challenging. If you’ve spent more than a few hours looking for all five, we’re more than happy to help with the locations:

  • Green VHS tape: on the security desk at the start, on the right-hand side of the computer monitor.
  • Blue VHS tape: After you complete the first puzzle, head into the next room and look for an office table on the left.
  • Yellow VHS tape: You’ll see a room filled with shelves. Head to the wall with the yellow poster, and pass the first set of shelves. The second set will have the tape.
  • Pink VHS tape: After you have both hands, you’ll need to make a toy. You’ll end up on top of stairs where there’s a gap. Look to the right of the gap, and use your blue hand to retrieve it.
  • Grey VHS Tape: You’ll locate this tape at the end of the chapter, and the VHS player is on the right nearby.
How to play Poppy Playtime - chapter 1

Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 boss: How to escape Huggy Wuggy

As soon as you’re done making the toy, Poppy Playtime tells you that you may now exit. However, Huggy Wuggy isn’t going to let you go so easily. You won’t be able to fight him, so here’s how you can escape instead.

Turn and run for the conveyor belt where you found the red hand. You’ll see an entrance you can head through. Run down the passage until you hit a crossroads. As Huggy Wuggy will be coming for you from the other end, you need to turn right.

You’ll soon find a conveyor belt that’s impossible to climb. On your left is a hole you can drop down into. You’ll end up in a new part of the factory, but broken machinery will block your way. Turn right, head straight, and find a small entrance on the left.

After you crouch into the entrance, run until you find a door. Give it a moment, and you’ll see the door lifting up. Now’s the time to sprint as fast as you can to some cardboard boxes

When you turn around, look up. There’s a block with some hands painted in various colors. Use both hands to quickly slap it so it falls onto the catwalk. When it does, it will knock out Huggy Wuggy, leaving you free to escape.

How to play Poppy Playtime - chapter 1

Make it out alive!

If you think reading this guide on how to play Poppy Playtime -Chapter 1 is intense, wait until you play the game. The final escape requires some perfect timing and running on your part. It will be exciting to see what Chapter 2 will bring, and we’ll be sure to add a guide for that one too. 

See you on the other side!

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