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How to play Poppy Playtime – Chapter 2

Shaun M Jooste


Poppy Playtime by MOB Games caused a stir when Chapter 1 launched on October 21, 2021. The Huggy Wuggy toy caused many screams on Twitch and YouTube gaming channels, but the fun isn’t over yet.

The developer recently announced the launch of the second installment with an official trailer. We’ll show you how to play Poppy Playtime – Chapter 2 when it’s available, when we think it will launch, and what to expect.

How to play Poppy Playtime – Chapter 2

Rumored release date for Poppy Playtime – Chapter 2

While the trailer doesn’t reveal the exact launch date for Poppy Playtime – Chapter 2, it does indicate “Early 2022.” If we look at the first installment, there was a five-month gap between the announcement and the release. Using this pattern, we believe we could see Chapter 2 appear around March 2022.

Of course, this is just a guess. However, another option could be Halloween 2022, but that doesn’t tie in with the Early 2022 statement. It all depends on how well development goes and if there’s enough interest in Poppy Playtime – Chapter 2.

How to play Poppy Playtime – Chapter 2

When it becomes available, you can install Poppy Playtime – Chapter 2 as a DLC add-on to Chapter 1. Therefore, you’ll need the base game to play it, as it’s not a standalone title. You’ll pay the same amount as the first version, but that may change by next year. 

How to play Poppy Playtime - Chapter 2

What can we expect in the second installment?

The developers haven’t said much about what to expect with Poppy Playtime – Chapter 2. However, the trailer does give us some hints. You can hear the voice of a female toy, and we wonder if this sets the scene for the next boss to escape from. Nola Klop, the voice behind Poppy and Stella Greybar, has also tweeted her excitement for being involved in the sequel.

Are you ready for more?

There’s no doubt that many gamers will be ready to play Poppy Playtime -Chapter 2 when it launches. We’ll certainly be ready to scream when we try it, as the first title was so intense! Keep an eye out for more information as we get hold of more news in the next few months!

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